"Best Dentist in Little Rock!"

"Dr. Burton has been our families dentist since he opened his practice.  He has always gone the extra mile to take special care of our smiles!  Not only is he an excellent dentist, he's an extremely fun guy!  He's the best dentist in town!"

Doug & Cinda Rich & Families - 27 years



"I have been letting Paul Burton take care of my teeth since he first started practicing.  He helped my parents by attending to mother in the hospital and my dad who always called him a "young whippersnapper."  He still takes care of my 3 boys and their families.  I just hope he stays in practice for the rest of my life."

Bev McCain - 31 years

Rest in Peace to a wonderful patient!


"No more numbness and pain, no ill-fitting dentures and messy adhesive.  Now we are chewing and smiling!  Help is only a phone call away.  We're both enjoying our "new look" and glad "Dr. Paul" has read the book!

Mary Jo & Clyde Horton - 22 years

Rest in Peace, to a very special couple.




"Paul Burton and his wonderfully friendly staff make trips to the dentist's office Almost a Joy.  Dr. Burton has done quite a bit of work in our five mouths since each of us tends to enjoy candy a bit to much, but he does it with a smile and an endless bag of witty nuggets.  What Dr. Burton doesn't do, Kacie, his hygienist, does.  We all appreciate the pain free cleanings Kacie provides as well as her happy disposition.  For all of our dental needs Dr. Burton and staff are there to take care of us and we would highly recommend them for all your dental care.

The Jenkins Family  -  15 years



"I got to know Dr. Burton back in 1982 when he had his practice at Markham & Rodney Parham. As I needed dental care, Dr. Burton needed electrical care, so from this point in time, till today, we have taken care of each others needs in our trades.  Dr. Burton has taken care of me and my family on a regular basis and at times when emergencies have occurred.  He has always been there no matter what the case or time.  We also consider him one of our best friends professionally and personally.  So from this I want to thank Dr. Burton for all he has done for me, my wife Kathy and my children, Tiffany, Tonya, Tamara and Tyler."

Glynn & Kathy Goss & Family - 40 years



"I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Paul Burton for over 30 years.  I guess that makes him very experienced, but it just makes me old.  Over the years, Paul has been the consummate professional and has become a good friend.

My wife, Lisa  and I know that we can expect and receive the very best care when we visit Paul's office.  Dr. Burton's staff is top notch and will never fail to make you feel welcome and at ease.  We have recommended Dr. Burton to our friends and associates and have been gratified with their thanks.

To keep smiling, you just can't do better than Dr. Paul Burton.

Gordon & Lisa Gondek  - 33 years




"The best of the best and a great friend!"

Jess "Woody" Woods  -  30 years

RIP "Woody"


"Dr. Burton has been my trusted Dentist for many, many years.  Paul is a compassionate, perfectionist who always has his patients welfare and best interest in mind.  I trust Dr. Burton and his staff completely when it comes to my dental health.  They're simply "The Best."  Last year Paul made a complete new smile for me.  Like a skillful artist his attention to my new smile truly resulted in perfection and I could not have been happier with the results!"

Scott Brooks  -  30 years



Rest in Peace, to a very special friend.



"Many years ago, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Paul Burton was and still is, in my opinion, "The World's Greatest Dentist."  Not only is he an expert in his field, he cares about his patients.

It's sad to say, but unfortunately true, if you are able to find any physician that cares more about your well being than the dollars they make treating you.  Dr. Burton would never do anything unnecessary just to make a dollar.  He has proven that to me many times over the years he has provided my dental care.

If you don't know this man, you have missed a blessing.  May God bless him and his family always."

Beverly Freeman  -  36 years


"Four generations of my family have benefited from Dr. Paul Burton's caring approach to true patient service, his friendship, and his excellent practice of dentistry.  He cared for my elderly grandparents when they were alive; he's been looking out for my mother, my wife, my brothers and me for over 30 years; and he's taken care of my 3 children as they have grown to young adulthood.  With the positive attitude of Dr. Burton and his staff, they not only give you a great smile, they make you use it!"

Jeff & Laura Hathaway & Family 35 years


"Dr. Burton restored my smile! I'm so grateful to him for giving me my smile back!"

Mary Keller  -  24 years



"For over 30 years Dr. Burton has treated every member of my family like they were his own.  They are the, "Best of the Best from the Office Staff to the Doc."

David & Margo Rowe & Families - 34 years



Dr. Paul Burton has been my families dentist since my children were in grade school.  They are now 15 (Cortlin), 17 (Autumn), and 19 (Brelin).  My overall experience with Dr. Burton and his staff has been extremely pleasant and rewarding.  Dr. Burton and his staff genuinely care about their patients and my family and I have always received superior dental care.  Dr. Burton is very friendly, personable and professional.  He has an awesome chairside manner of knowing exactly what to say or do to put his patients at ease.  I would recommend his service to anyone.  Thank you for the many years of outstanding service!

Michele Brown & Family - 28 years



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