Dr. Burton and staff would like to welcome you to our website. Everyone in your family can receive their complete oral and cosmetic dentistry by our friendly and caring staff. The foundation of our office is based upon a healthy dentist/hygienist/patient partnership with mutual trust, respect and support.


We also believe in educating and encouraging our patients to become more proactive in maintaining a lifetime of good oral health!

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  30+ Years And Counting!

A special thank you to our patients that have been with Dr. Burton for over 30 years!

Jess Woods & Bette Bright, Buddy & Beverly Villines, Linda Wingfield, Bev McCain, Ed & Denise Mahaffy, Paul & Susan Smith, The Backus Family, Jerry & Barbara Barnett, Phil Billingsley, Dennis & Pam Ford, Linda Giger, Joel & Nancy Clark, Noel Clark, Jackie Clark, J.R. Medley, Bill & Bonnie Jacobson, Butch Martindill, Martha Blazer, Karan Burnette, Rod Cameron, LaDonna Campbell, Ruth Rafe, Ruth Carpenter, Melissa Cleary, Torrie Cobb, Paige Coulter, Suzanne Coulter, Harry Elliott, Amanda Crowder, Todd & Jennifer Crowder, Doug & Kay Crowder, Buddy & Sherry Walker, David & Margo Rowe, Clyde & Mary Jo Horton, Laura Wysocki, Kent Thorton, Jackie Kilgore, Robert Standley & Linda McKillips, Marshell & Anita Davis, Roger & Ernestine Evans, Emily & Charla Faulkner, Sue Bailey, Larry Snyder, David Hadidi, John Hathway, Jeff & Laura Hathaway, Suzanne & Pam Hicks, Tom & Julie Johnston, Carolyn Jones, Margaret Kenner, Levell Kinchen, Scott Smith, Glenn & Deborah Nunerly, Jim Hathaway & Gael Sammartino, Louie & Elsie Smith, Evelyn Spurgess, Glynn Goss, George Ann Street, Craig Jones, David & Billie West. 

More to come!!



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